What is gov.gr? 

Gov.gr is the new Unified Digital Portal of Public Administration for citizens and businesses. It hosts all the digital services of ministries, agencies, organizations, and independent authorities of the Public Sector that are provided through the internet. Citizens and businesses can electronically submit and validate various documents, such as authorizations and responsible declarations, securely and remotely, as well as access many other electronic services.

Gov.gr is constantly evolving. In its initial phase, it operates as a catalog of digital services. In its complete form, it will become the central hub for digital service, gathering everything you need for your transactions with the government. It will be, in other words, the one and only digital point of contact for citizens and businesses with the Public Administration.

Which services does it include?

Gov.gr was activated earlier than the scheduled date in order to respond to the needs that arose after the implementation of emergency measures due to the coronavirus. So far, the new services that have been integrated are: Responsible Declaration, Authorization, and Non-Prescription Medication Prescription. At the same time, information is available and access is provided to over 520 existing Public Sector services, which are being integrated into the Digital Portal.

Where can I find a government electronic service?

Until today, a citizen had to know in advance which entities provide the services they desire and visit the respective websites. In fact, the citizen often doesn't know which entity (or third party operating a service on behalf of another) offers a service, or may not even be aware of the possibility of performing a service electronically.

Faced with this reality, gov.gr takes on the task of gathering every electronic service of public administration that involves a transaction with the beneficiary within the same website. Gradually, it will become the sole point of contact for citizens and businesses with the Public Administration, where all the solutions and information that citizens and businesses engaging with the Government need to know will be centralized in a common environment.

I'm not a proficient technology user. Is it easy for me to use the service?

The design and organization of gov.gr follow a citizen-centric approach. The services are categorized based on life events, which means they are organized according to the needs of citizens or businesses themselves, rather than the internal perspective or structure of the Public Administration. The goal is for citizens to be able to find any service within a maximum of 3 clicks. You select the thematic category, the life event you're interested in, and thus find all the relevant digital services. Additionally, you can use the search function, similar to how you use Google or other search engines, by typing in what you want to find.

What device can I use to access?

You can access the services using your mobile phone, tablet, or personal computer..

What is required to log in to a service?

Usually, the use of Taxisnet access codes is required in order to securely authenticate citizens and businesses. There are also some services that require their own specific codes, as in the initial phase all the existing authentication methods are maintained, just as you have been using them until now. Soon, the new National Authentication System will be fully implemented, and gradually you will be able to use any service of interest in a common and unified manner, utilizing the existing access codes you already have.

How can I find the service I'm interested in?

For easier navigation, the services provided by gov.gr have been categorized into 11 broader categories that describe various life events, such as family, business activity, health and welfare, and more. Additionally, you have the option to find a service by organization/provider (e.g., Ministry, Independent Authority, etc.) or by using free-text search (e.g., "allowance," "subsidy," etc.). This way, you can easily locate the service you're interested in.

Can I search for a service on gov.gr?

Yes. You can use the categorization provided on the homepage to find the service that meets your needs. You can explore the suggested categories (level 1) and life event subcategories (level 2) to locate the relevant service. Additionally, you can search for the specific service you require using free-text search, just as you would do with a search engine you already use, and quickly find the related services provided through gov.gr.

How is the validity of the "documents" issued by gov.gr verified?

To verify the validity of documents (issued results) directly from gov.gr, such as the Responsible Declaration, Authorization, Temporary Driving License, Enrollment in Kindergarten, etc., they carry a unique verification code and an approved electronic seal from the Ministry of Digital Governance. However, it should be noted that for every other service hosted on gov.gr, for every operational matter of a service, the responsible entity remains the one providing the service.

Are the "documents" issued by gov.gr mandatory?

All documents issued directly by gov.gr, such as the Responsible Declaration and Authorization, are mandatory and accepted by public entities, the broader public sector, as well as other natural or legal persons. For every other service hosted on gov.gr, the acceptance criteria are determined case by case by the respective competent entity/provider.

How can I use the "documents" issued by gov.gr?

The documents issued directly by gov.gr can be used:

  • either as electronic documents, transmitted using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), without requiring an electronic signature or other electronic ICT seal
  • or as printed documents, provided they are printed with the unique identification code (e.g., Responsible Declaration, Authorization), without further formulation or validation procedures.

For every other service hosted on gov.gr, the acceptance criteria are determined case by case by the respective competent entity/provider. It is recommended to confirm the document's acceptability in digital or printed form, depending on the specific security features of the issued certificate, etc.

Is gov.gr user-friendly for People with Disabilities (PwD)?

Gov.gr has been designed and organized with a citizen-centric approach from the outset, ensuring high user-friendliness and usability for all citizens. It follows relevant principles and continually evolves based on international accessibility standards for People with Disabilities (e.g., WCAG 2.1 AA). Additionally, an additional tool with a range of accessibility functions, such as text-to-speech, font size adjustment, etc., has been integrated into gov.gr and can be found at the bottom right corner of each gov.gr page.