1. Information structure in the portal

The information in the Single Digital Portal is hierarchically structured in four (4) levels.

Level 1: Category

The portal is divided into two main categories: 'Life and travel - Help and advice for EU citizens and their families'and 'Business - A guide to doing business in Europe'. They concern the two categories of users of the portal: citizens and businesses.

Level 2: Domain

Domains usually represent a life event, f.e. Travels or Health.

Level 3: Unity

The modules address issues about the specific life event.F.e. "Passengers Rights"

Level 4: Theme

The last level lists all the specialized topics related to the selected issue. f.e. "Air Passengers Rights"

The portal presents mainly real situations of a cross-border nature, such as f.e. What is needed to work or study in another EU country. At the same time, it provides practical assistance and immediate solutions in the event that the rights of citizens and businesses within the EU are violated.