Topic outline

  • Europe's Single Digital Gateway: YOUR GATEWAY TO THE EU SINGLE MARKET

    The purpose of the course is to inform citizens and businesses about the EU's Single Digital Portal and the tools it provides to them in order to seamlessly exercise their rights in the EU's single market.

    Essentially, we are referring to free access to information, administrative procedures and support services that citizens and businesses need to operate in EU countries.

    In this module you will learn:

    1. The model on which the information in Your Europe is structured and presented: the 3 pillars and the thematic sections for the citizen and the business.
    2. How to use the Single Digital Portal search engine to access practical information about rights and administrative procedures.
    3. How to use the support service locator to enjoy personalized advice.
    4. How to use the user feedback tool to report problems or obstacles when using the portal and other online resources, provided by EU and national public administrations.
    5. What the Single Digital Gateway will provide by 2023: digitized processes without borders - The "once only" principle‍.​​​​

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