Topic outline

  • Hellenic Single Public Service Center (HSPSC) -

    The purpose of the course is to inform citizens and businesses about the Greek Single Point of Contact (Point of Single Contact - PSC), which serves as the central contact point for the European citizen (and citizens of connected countries) and for businesses that wish to provide their services in Greece, either through physical establishment or cross-border operations.

    It provides complete information about the procedures to be followed, the applications to be submitted to the competent authorities, the possible costs of these procedures (in the form of fees or other charges), as well as the relevant legislation.

    In this section, you will learn:

    1. How to navigate the website
    2. How to find information about the actions required to obtain the right to engage in professional activities in Greece
    3. Which laws apply (e.g., Insurance framework, tax framework)
    4. What are the prerequisites for providing a specific service
    5. What documents you need
    6. How to submit your request
    7. Where to send your request

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